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Anonymous said: Are you religious? Just wondering aha no judgment

Long story short: To an extent.

Long story expanded: 

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at my school (and district too) girls generally use purses in lieu of backpacks (myself included)

i’ve always wondered… is this normal? like in your guys’ schools?

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 I didn’t want to talk about what my dad did because it wasn’t like he was directing “All in the Family” or anything. He was doing these crazy films. Mom would pick me up at school wearing this big quilted cape. I felt like I was in a J.D. Salinger story. Dad’s Jewish and Irish, Mom’s German and Scotch. I couldn’t say I was anything. My last name isn’t even Downey. My dad changed his name when he wanted to get into the Army and was underage. My real name is Robert Elias. I feel like I’m still looking for a home in some way. - Robert Downey Jr.